We are pleased to announce some changes to the WTSmedproducts website.

For the last 25 years, the news of improvement from Wilson's Temperature Syndrome has been spreading from patient to doctor and from doctor to patient.

Our mission has always been to help more people recover from Wilson's Temperature Syndrome.

Over the past 15 years we have focused on training and certifying medical practitioners to enable them to better address the needs of each of their patients.

Practitioners recommend products from our professional line company, Restorative Formulations, which offers the same formulas as WTSmedproducts, plus many others.

We feel the practitioner/patient relationship is the best avenue for helping people recover from Wilson's Temperature Syndrome, and we now have the means in place to put all our support into that relationship. We will be transitioning our direct-to-public sales of our supplements on our website to sales of Restorative Formulations products through practitioners only.

We planned on transitioning to this by end of summer, but we are doing it now because Cholesterol Care has sold out much sooner than expected. We anticipate that our remaining stock of ThyroCare, Adaptogen, and Cell Nutrition will also sell quickly.

Don't worry, once our online supplies are gone, you can still get the same formulas you have come to depend on, at the same price, under the Restorative Formulations brand, but only through a practitioner.

Restorative Formulations are supplements that are sold only to Health Care Professionals and their patients, provided the patients have the doctor's permission. If you know a doctor you'd like to work with that already has an account with Restorative Formulations you can contact them and get their Authorization Number and give it to us at 800-420-5801 so we can connect you to their account.

If you know a doctor you'd like to work with but they do not yet have account with Restorative Formulations their office can set up an account online, or by calling the doctor/ patient line at 800-420-5801. It only takes about five minutes and doesn't cost them anything to sign up. They would then be given an authorization number that they can pass on to their patients. Restorative Formulations does not give Authorization Numbers to patients so make sure to contact your health care provider's office for this information.

If you are looking to only continue purchasing Adaptogen, ThyroCare, Cell Nutrition, or Cholesterol Care, but don't not have a local practitioner to work with you can contact Restorative Formulations yourself and ask to be connected to the account of Dr. Karen Baucom, MD with the Baucom Institute For Longevity and Life Enhancement in KS. There are no special fees to do this and you do not need a special doctor consultation to use this option. Simply call the 800-420-5801 and let them know you have been ordering from WTSmed, and would like to continue ordering these supplements with Dr Karen Baucom listed as your practitioner.

Dr Baucom also works with patients remotely. If you decide at any time that you would like to consult with her as your doctor you can call her at 913-341-8605 or you can contact us for her email address. Doing so will enable you to order whatever other Restorative Formulations products that she recommends for you. Restorative Formulations offers a wide array of professional strength products.

Until WTSmed runs out of stock you can continue to order as you already have been, by going online or by calling 1-800-621-7006. We appreciate your business and look forward to being able to continue helping to support your health.

Yours in good health,

WTS Staff

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