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Cell Nutrition - Lemon Lime

Promotes Optimal Cell Function*

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*Cell Nutrition is a high-nutrient multivitamin, mineral and trace element supplement designed to support cell function, promote detoxification, and provide nutritional cofactors for optimum health.

Cell Nutrition is designed to quickly provide comprehensive nutrient support in a highly bioavailable, water soluble form. This helps to ensure optimal metabolism at the cellular level. Cell Nutrition is a powdered herb drink that is flavored with a pleasant tasting certified organic orange fruit flavor. The dose can be easily adjusted to suit individual needs. Bioflavonoids and high amounts of Vitamin C and calcium pantothenate support healthy adrenal function. The specially designed formula contains Methylcobalamin, an active form of Vitamin B12. B12 can support circadian rhythms, well-being, alertness, and concentration, and sleep quality. Chromium and magnesium help to promote glucose metabolism. Selenium is an important mineral that supports detoxification. High levels of Vitamin D3 have been shown to have many beneficial effects, including the support of bone density and immune function. The addition of Bromelain to the formula enhances digestion and bioavailability of the nutrients.


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High Nutrient Multivitamin
Cell Function
Nutrient Support and Absorption of Minerals

Suggested use:
1/2 scoop with 4-8 fl oz water every day.
To adjust the sweetness flavor add more water.
Stir well and allow to effervesce before drinking.
Do not exceed suggested dosage without guidance from your health care practitioner.

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