Wilson's Temperature Syndrome-Patient Book
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- A Reversible Low Temperature Problem by Denis Wilson, MD

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Wilson's Temperature Syndrome - Patient Book, by Denis Wilson, MD
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The best way for people to see if WTS sounds like what they have is to read this book. It is the most thorough description of the syndrome and its many physical, emotional and social manifestations. It describes how the symptoms come on and and what it feels like to have Wilson's Temperature Syndrome.

If patients recognize themselves in this book then there is a good chance that they will benefit from proper treatment.

A Patient Comment
You will see yourself all through the book [Wilson's Temperature Syndrome - A Reversible Thyroid Problem]. It helps you understand the syndrome more fully..., and helps you solidify your symptoms, philosophy, and stand on WTS." --Blue

Doctors who read this book will be able to much more easily recognize this very common and readily treatable condition.

This book makes an excellent patient education aid. It saves both doctors and patients a lot of valuable time by conveying all the key points much more efficiently than in person.

It explains WTS better than Dr. Wilson can in person. When this book first came out patients who Dr. Wilson had already been treating for months would come in and say, "Oh Dr. Wilson, now I understand what you've been saying!" He was amazed because although he expected that the book would be very helpful for new patients, he never imagined the effect it would be have on existing patients.

Patients often say things like, "This book was written about me!", and "How were you able to write my life story without ever meeting me before?"

There is also a web version of this book that you can read right now for free.